At ATA ELECTRIC we offer Consulting and implementation of solutions to strengthen the security of critical cyber assets in electrical substations, power generation plants and electrical infrastructure in general. Regulatory compliance with NERCIP, Agreements CNO 788 and CNO 701. CYBERSECURITY is:

  • Innovative solution.
  • Allows to control the communication with various equipment through the implementation of VPNs.
  • It guarantees communication with the equipment at all times under a redundant and controlled scheme.
  • Allows high operational reliability.
  • Secure access to the network Networking allowing the reading and configuration levels of this measurement system in compliance with the CREG 038 regulation of 2014, of the cybersecurity requirements of the CNO 788.
  • It generates the corresponding alarms that allow to identify when the communication with any of the present devices fails and show it in a module to the user, visit


    • Implementation of VPN.
    • Data encryption.
    • Controlled authentication levels for users and administrators.
    • Firewall implementation.
    • Point-to-point communication.
    • Avoid a duplicity in the connection that could cause a failure or blockage of the equipment.
    • Allow controlled access from remote sources such as Control Centers, Measurement Centers and Management Centers.