Through our strategic alliances, in ATA ELECTRIC we have managed to develop a complete methodology for Protection studies and its implementation in Medium Voltage Distribution Systems, aimed at improving service quality indicators such as SAIDI/SAIFI, ITAD/IRAD among others.

The technological tools and methodology we apply in ATA ELECTRIC has allowed us to develop a complete process for the Development, Verification, Implementation and Management of Protection studies in coordination with Protection equipment such Circuit Breakers, Reclosers, Sectionalizers and Fuse Cut-Outs.

Through our applied methodology and with the NIX Software, it is possible to identify the Protection Zones (to what extent is the system protected with the Protection settings), integrate with Georeferenced information systems and establish the Protection settings for the equipment in its normal operation conditions as well as backup protection or adaptive protection for more complex systems in this website.

We guide our services through the adequate implementation of Protection devices in Distribution Systems, in order to:

  • Improve the service quality
  • Reduce damages associated with unnecessary over-stress of the electrical infrastructure e.g. Conductor, Transformers, Insulators, Circuit Breakers, and others.
  • Decrease accidents associated with inadequate Protection coordination.
  • Reduce the cost overruns associated with the restoration of the system. .
  • Standardize the fuse types to be used.


NIX is a software developed with a focus on Medium Voltage Electrical Distribution System Protection. It aims is to systematize and speed up the routine task of elaborating Protection Studies for the electrical distribution system, making it in a simple, fast and practical manner, promoting productivity with quality.

  • It is directly integrated into the company’s database to obtain the georeferenced topology and other data necessary for the Protection study.
  • It dimensions in a simultaneous, automatic and interactive manner, the capacity of the fuses and different settings of the parameters of the overcurrent functions (50P, 51P, 50N, 51N, 50Q, 51Q) of Protection equipment (relays and Reclosers) installed in the circuit under study. This taking into account the criteria and Protection philosophies previously defined by the company.
  • Automatically determines the selectivity / coordination without the intervention of the protection engineer and shows the coordinogram of any selected equipment with the other equipment in the chain in the direction of the current or the feeder for short-circuit conditions between phases and / or phase to ground.
  • It proposes the best solution for coordination and / or selectivity between the different circuit Protection equipment, automatically defining the configuration values of Protection equipment: fuses and Recloser settings (phase, neutral and negative sequence Protection settings, instantaneous and delayed curves)
  • Visually identifies the Protection Zones of the circuit.
  • Edits the circuit to include / eliminate/ change sections, Circuit Breakers, transformers, loads and Protection equipment.


Consultancy and training in Electrical Distribution Protection

In ATA ELECTRIC through our partnerships with international experts in Electrical Protection in distribution, we have designed a complete theoretical/practical training scheme to strengthen the knowledge of protection engineers and show the use of the software tools used for the development of Protection Studies. We have developed and have already completed more than five Protection courses, attendants include engineers from the most important Electrical Distribution Utilities in the country.


Consultancy and Training in Electrical Distribution Protection


  • Diagnostic Consultancy of the Protection System
  • Training / Qualification Course


  • Protection Engineers
  • Protection Engineers + Specialized Engineer + Logistics