The KGW3101, KGW3102, and KGW3204 gateways convert between Modbus TCP and Modbus RTU/ASCII protocols. Each Ethernet port can be accessed by up to 16 TCP master/client devices, or 16 TCP slave/server devices. Each serial port can manage up to 128 serial master/slave nodes.

The KGW3101, KGW3102, and KGW3204 Modbus gateways support both Transparent mode and Agent mode. In Transparent mode, the gateway will bypass and translate Modbus commands between Modbus TCP/RTU/ASCII. In Agent mode, the gateway will actively poll the Modbus slave devices and store data in the Modbus’s memory. The Modbus master can retrieve Modbus slave devices’ data via the gateway’s memory.

KGW3101/3102/3204 can be widely applied in all kinds of applications in factory automation and industrial segments.


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