DGCOM3000  is Kyland’s latest generation of intelligent gateway and switch All-in-One devices which are specially designed to meet the demand of data collecting and switching under harsh environment.

Din Rail devices support SFP fiber ports of 1000M / 100M for the connection of redundant ring systems and ports 100Base-TX RJ45, serial ports RS232 / 422 / 485 and digital input and output.

DGCOM3000 series support multiple data switching function including network redundancy, multicast, security, QoS, device status monitoring and maintenance, time synchronization, DGCOM3000  support multiple protocols, data collecting/processing/ forwarding, digital calculation and IEC61850 MMS/GOOSE service.

Some versions support NTP / SNTP. It is possible to implement in multiple applications, such as in the automation system of the distributed photovoltaic power plant, the system of Aeolic parks, the micro grid system, the integrated energy saving system and the automation systems.


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  • Aislamiento sólido (Resina epóxica) - producto ecológico.
  • Mecanismo de actuador magnético con interruptor en vacío
  • Equipo libre de Mantenimiento durante su vida útil – larga vida mecánica y de interrupción.
  • Diseño Compacto.
  • Seis sensores de voltaje - tres del lado fuente y tres del lado carga.
  • Protección direccional de Fase, Tierra, SEF, Frecuencia, Sobrevoltaje y Subvoltaje.
  • Funciones de Cold Load Pickup, Inrush, Sync. Check, Hot Line Tag.
  • 58 Curvas de Tiempo-Corriente (IEC, ANSI, Recierre, Curvas definidas por el usuario).
  • Puerto USB y Puertos RS232 para comunicación y control desde sistemas SCADA.